Our long-standing experiences, the grown know-how of foundry-technology, the project-experiences and the extensive knowledge of the industry in the area of die making, foundry and cast processing, qualify us as a reliable specialist for castings.

In an increasingly harder competition field we offer you interesting economic and technological advantages and a modern project management.

  • Construction consulting
    • on the basis of drafts, delineations, drawings and CAD-data
    • construction modifications
    • foundry technology, design and demands on quality
    • modern, cost-saving technologies
  • Prototypes
    • short term supply of test models
    • short term supply of prototypes and test parts
  • Casting consulting
    • ...to the production process according to the kind of the cast part, the specification and the quantity delivered
    • ...to the supplier after quality capability, price level and adherence to delivery dates
    • ...to the layout and procurement of pattern equipment, permanent mould and appliances
    • ...in the foundries for the improvement of the quality and the production flow
  • Casting procurement
    • based on the consultancy
    • with existing pattern equipment, permanent mould, tools and appliances for serial production

The professional purchase of casting products on the European markets guaranteed an attractive price performance ratio.
We also make the cast parts available ready for installation, with mechanical treatment and as requested surface treatment.

We offer:
- Sand cast aluminium  - Lost wax process
- Aluminium mold casting  - Grey cast iron
- Aluminium die casting  - Ductile iron
- Copper alloy  - Steel casting